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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

If you're reading this then you're obviously serious about making the right decision at this point of your wedding planning. 
A wedding photographer has a huge part to play on the wedding day itself, but leaves behind a legacy which a couple and their family will hold dear for generations. Needless to say it's an important thing to get right and a decision that needs some thought. There are a whole range of wedding photographers available, each with their own style and way of working.
Wedding photographers aren't something that will immediately have a great meaning. But one, two, ten years down the line will be completely priceless. You've spent a lot of time and money creating the perfect wedding. Make sure you have the perfect photographs to remember it.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your style?

Our style is described as 'creative documentary'.  We shoot your wedding with a photojournalistic eye—meaning, we photograph your day as it unfolds naturally without any interference from us. You'll often find us blending into the crowd, trying to get that 'perfect shot', or we're even hidden away like stealthy ninjas.

Our main focuses while shooting a wedding are:
Capturing raw emotion and real moments in a creative and photojournalistic way – Whether it be moments of sheer joy, the insane after party, hearth wrenchingly intimate moments and everything in between – we are there to capture those moments as beautifully and powerfully as possible. 

when will we see our photographs? 

Because we take such care in making sure all your edited photographs look great for years to come, the editing process takes about eight to ten weeks. At that time, your online gallery will be made for you and all your friends and family to see!

How many pictures will you RECEIVE?

We shoot A LOT of pictures In an average south asian wedding! However these numbers can vary greatly depending on the amount of coverage requested and how intense the story of your day becomes. We thoroughly go through every picture and only select the best of the best – typically 1 out of 10 – so your average wedding will yield approximately 700-1000 individually unique, optimally processed pictures. 

What kind of equipment do we use?

While a great photographer can take incredible pictures with just about anything, having the right tools and knowing how to use them only pushes the potential of great photos further. We shoot with professional Nikon and Canon gear, including full-frame bodies, fast primes, versatile zooms and a variety of lighting equipment both on and off camera.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, we do! We love destination weddings and the opportunity to take photos in totally new and unique settings. Please know though, that this entails even more planning, time and risks to our equipment than a local wedding. As such we do ask our travel expenses to be covered. We typically like to arrive at least one day early to scout the location and mitigate the possibility of any travel delays. 

How do we hire you?

Fill out this form here, or send us an email at and reach us with questions about availability, pricing, and the type of coverage you're interested in.
Tell us a bit about yourselves, your wedding day and whether you have any questions at all. Once we have talked about your wedding, we'll send you the contract and you can pay the retainer. It takes not more than five minutes and after that, you can count on us to be there with our cameras for the most anticipated day of your life! :)